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English biography:

Orjan Englund is born and raised in Enkoping, Sweden about 43 miles northwest of capital Stockholm. He started playing the guitar by the age of eight years in the mid-50s.

Aged 15 he met Tommy Korberg at the S:t. Ilian High School in Enkoping.Korberg is today one of the most sucessful singers in Scandinavia with a international status. Orjan and Tommy started the pop group Maniacs, that was to be one of Sweden´s most succes pop groups with lots of TV shows and radio hits and where on tours with international stars like The Who, Spencer Davies/Stevie Winwood, Bluesbreakers, The Hollies and more.

During the 70s and 80s Orjan was one of the most hired studioguitarrist in Sweden. He played on more than hundred national albums.

Lots of songs are written by Orjan. The most famous is "Innerst i själen" for Norwegian World artist Sissel Kyrkjebo. That very song Orjan now has picked upp himself. On Spotify his three old solo albums have more than amillion listenings since 2014. The video of the song " Innerst i själen " has almost 100 000 views at Youtube

In this book Orjan gives focus on a lot of music, colleagues like Frank Zappa, Doug Sahm, Augie Myers, Tommy Körberg, Warren Haynes, Peter Lundblad, Alf Robertsson, Robert Wells, Joe Sun, Wendel Adkins, Åsa Jinder, Carola, Elisabeth Andreasson, The Maniacs, Los Comancheros, The Moonlighters, Martin Sarws orkester, Totte Wallin, Liza Öhman, Göran Wiklund, Humlor & Bin, Eddie Oliva. Uffe Neidemar, Billy Gson

Today Orjan´s record company is owned by BMG Rights. The publishing company is owned by EMI music and Orjan¨s own songs is under Copyright control